Morning Routine with/Brittany Chung

Brittany Chung is a quirky lover of the brain and human communication. When she is not serving as the Community Operations Manager at With Creators she can be found running Elevation Society, a nonprofit focused on improving mental wellness, and breaking stigmas. 

Wake up around 6 AM naturally haven’t figured out how but currently it just happens. 

Take a moment to check in with myself some of the questions I ask myself are: 

What am I feeling?

What’s consuming my thoughts? (unpack it)

How in charge do I feel over my life? 

Journal – write down one thing I am grateful for, one thing I love about myself, one intention for the day, lately it has been to get out of my own head, learn how to value myself, and remind myself this life is not my own. In other words, this life is so much bigger than me, and I can not afford to take my success nor failures personal.  

Drink a cup of water. Here is why.

Visualize my goals – visualize the details, visualize accomplishing the actual goals, visualize my feelings once they are accomplished, etc. 

Create a to-do list and prioritize accordingly – I have a tendency to try to do a million things in one day so I am disciplining myself to choose one big task that I must complete and then 3-4 smaller ones to potentially work on if I have time. 

Within this past year I have lost both of my grandpas so I try to do something that makes me feel closer to them. Currently I spend about 15-20 mins playing the guitar and then every day learn a new phrase in Japanese. 愛を広める

Workout – I am really into Lagree at the moment but also a cute running moment. 

Create a collagen, sea moss, spinach and fruit smoothie that also features chia seeds, hemp seeds, spirulina occasionally some ashwagandha roots and whatever else I am craving.

Then start working with the best team ever at With/Creators 🙂 





Morning Routine with/Brittany Chung