Note to Self with/Jennifer Pauline

Image: Studio Visit with LCD (read the story here)

I only have one word for the month of March: full. Full calendar, full client list, full mind, full spirit, just FULL. What started out as me at home with COVID, ended with me in Charlotte, North Carolina for the International Leadership Summit presented by T.D. Jakes. 

If this season had a title, it would be “it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”

I’m sure you’re wondering what happened after COVID and before the summit. I’ll try to keep it brief, but in short, ithe most profitable and profound 16 days I’ve had since starting my business. 

We partnered back up with Hillman Grad Productions, the brainchild of Lena Waithe, to design and produce their mentorship lab week. We worked with them in their inaugural year and are stoked to welcome in their sophomore class. 

We’re so blessed to work with incredible brands and on exciting projects, but this program holds a place very close to my heart. They are quite literally creating pathways into the entertainment industry for underrepresented groups. If you don’t know much about this space, it’s homogenous in front of and behind the camera, and organizations like Hillman Grad are helping break down the barrier of entry. I love a good fact, so if you can spare the time look at this Hollywood Diversity Report by Dr. Darnell Hunt (and be shook).

Our work with HGML is to design the experiences around welcoming the mentees to the program through an immersive weekend twice a year, ending with a talent showcase in front of the top managers, agents, studios and more. Watching the students evolve from day one to graduation last year was a business highlight for sure.

In the midst of planning that, we were also in full production mode for our biggest experience ever, with BYREDO. For part two of this newly formed relationship (s/o to my friend Samira for referring us) we were tasked with bringing to life their latest launch, De Los Santos. It took a village. Hundreds of emails, daily calls, an absurd amount of text messages, multiple renderings, lots of pivots and one big vision. Honestly, I’m still sitting in this feeling of awe that we accomplished such a feat. 

A global launch for a global luxury brand and I was still able to maintain my core intention of creating opportunities for underrepresented creators. Our principals on production, design, food and floral installation were Black and Brown women. The venue was owned by an Asian woman and our teams reflected that. A vision realized.

And, in between all of this we curated and produced a women’s empowerment dinner for The Gathering Spot LA and Jordan. The way my tribe showed up, were vulnerable, and made time for this space was so refreshing. Time is the most precious gift and being given there’s means more than they’ll ever know.

So much for this being short but like I said, March was full.

A seed was planted in 2020 to start this business and I’ve been watering it everyday. I’m not only proud of how we’ve grown client and project-wise, but internally as well.  From a one person team in 2020 to a 6 person team today, it takes a team to keep this machine going.

Today, you’ll meet the women helping fuel With/Creators. 

I am grateful.

With love and intention,






Note to Self with/Jennifer Pauline