The Embodiment of Source with/Amber Melvisha + Saybin Roberson

Amber Melvisha, Project Manager and Saybin Roberson (R), Special Projects Manager hail from Inglewood and Detroit, respectively. Passionate about creativity and service they are emerging leaders in the community space.

What is joy to you? 

AM – Joy to me is being present and enjoying the moment. Finding happiness in the little things.

SR – Joy is love. I can find joy in nearly everything that I love. My favorite meal, my favorite movie or TV show, my friends and my family. Taking care of, being around, spending time with, giving to these things or people is joy to me. I think the sun is joy, music is joy, the ocean, even a good shower is joyful. Joy is movement, it’s laughter, it’s dancing. Anything that makes me feel free is joy. Anything and everything that makes me feel God is joy.

In what ways do you aim to seek joy and pleasure each day?

AM – Starting off my day with prayer and gratitude help me set the tone for the day and find joy in all things around me. Taking walks with my dog help me seek pleasure in the world around me .

What value do you place on seeking new experiences, why?

SR – New experiences have made me who I am today. Certain trips stand out, like my time in Atlanta, Iowa or Florida as a kid, and Cape Town right after graduating college, and even my time at college in D.C. It’s very easy, especially where I’m from ( a small town outside of Detroit) to get caught up in what we know and find comfort in. I love it, but I’m always looking for a way to renew. I get laughed at for saying “I’m new in town” after leaving Los Angeles and moving back home a few months ago. I have to experience this place in a new way to continue growing  my perspective.

Women’s History Month just passed, describe what it means to you to be a woman, working with other women?

SR – EVERYTHING. I believe there is nothing better than to see yourself in other people, working with other women allows that for me. As a woman, which I feel is an honor in itself, I am able to learn how to powerfully and gracefully move into any space and room, while keeping my femininity. I’m able to nurture and grow parts of myself because I am learning from the lived experiences of other women. It literally means everything to me. 





The Embodiment of Source with/Amber Melvisha + Saybin Roberson