We are a boutique creative studio, specializing in community building, storytelling and experience design.

We all have a story to tell, what’s yours? 

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Our Values

Jennifer Pauline launched With/Creators in September 2020 with a singular vision, to powerfully serve.

After spending seven years building community, curating experiences and helping build new business for Soho House across the globe, she developed a passion for connecting people and humanizing brands. Exhibiting this by leading a team across the opening of Soho House Hong Kong, being a key figure in launching the emerging markets division of the business and spearheading Fashion for Breakfast in Los Angeles.

Now, through With/Creators, a people-centered, purpose driven business. We work hand in hand with founders, brands and creators on developing meaningful relationships with their community, telling stories that matter and designing experiences that people can feel.

With/Creators is based in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Pauline, Founder

“Bringing intention and meaning is central to our services. We focus on quality, taste, aesthetic and connection. Our aim is to create a multi-sensory feeling with all the work that we do.” 

- Jennifer Pauline